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A webinar on legal, procurement and contractual issues around public sector staff mutuals

By David Bicknell

This Thursday, 20th October, Local Government Law.tv is hosting a webinar on procurement and contracts issues arising out of the government’s encouragement of  the formation of staff mutuals by public sector employees to take over the running of services from their employers.

The course will cover the following:

•    Outline Government policy towards transfer to mutuals
•    Explain the provisions of the Community Right to Challenge under the Localism Bill
•    Outline issues which may arise under Public Contract Regulations
•    Consider  the ability of such a body to discharge a statutory function
•    Look at possible contractual issues  to be considered
•    Examine potential Governance issues which may arise

Public Services and Mutuals Event in Oxford

By David Bicknell

There’s an interesting event being held in Oxford later this month. It’s a workshop all around the creation and operation of mutuals.

The taster for the event on the Co-Operative Futures site says that with the upcoming ‘right to provide’ in the Localism Bill, the political commitment for the creation of mutuals to run local services and the success of the government pathfinder schemes, mutuals are here to stay.

This workshop offers a chance to hear what a mutual actually is; to hear what is important to making a mutual successful and how it is different from other forms of enterprise.

It’s being held on Wednesday March 23rd, from 11.00-3.00 at the Kings Centre in Oxford.