About us

David Bicknell is a specialist business writer and broadcaster on business change that includes the use of sustainable technologies and cloud computing. David is co-author of Crash, a book on the lessons learned from large IT-related projects around the world in the private and public sectors.

Tony Collins was Executive Editor at Computer Weekly for 20 years, and has won awards for his writing and investigative journalism.  He co-authored “Crash”, and wrote “Open Verdict” on the strange deaths of 25 defence scientists.

Campaign4change reports on reforms in public sector IT, particularly central government IT. Costs have been far too high for decades; generally inflexible too. Praise where praise is due, and constructive criticism when it could help bring about improvement.

Adapted Einstein quote, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger [and] more complex … It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.”