Crash – learning from failure

Crash, by David Bicknell and Tony Collins

David Bicknell and Tony Collins have published countless articles on IT-related projects and programmes that have failed to meet expectations.

We have found in writing these articles that the same mistakes tend to be made time and again. It is sometimes possible for us to see the early warning signs of a potential disaster.

David Bicknell and Tony Collins are authors of ‘Crash – learning from the world’s worst computer disasters’.

Crash – some national press reviews 

In their book Crash, authors Tony Collins and David Bicknell say firms must act now to avoid further chaos … Crash is published on June 26 and includes tips on how to avoid problems in the future.” [Daily Mirror, 2/7/97]


“… Now let me come clean. I can’t pretend that these heretical thoughts have come to me unbidden. They are inspired by a new book about computer disasters in both the public and private sectors. Crash by Tony Collins with David Bicknell (Simon and Schuster, £20) may not be as overtly sexy as David Cronenberg’s film, but it is considerably more enthralling …” [Times Educational Supplement, 24/6/97]


A new book highlights one of the largely unreported political stories of our time – the way Government and corporate bureaucrats keep on wasting taxpayers’ money by repeating the same basic mistakes … The idea for Crash: Ten Easy Ways To Avoid a Computer Disaster (Simon and Schuster, £20) began in 1992 when its authors saw …what is really alarming about the picture they give is how perfectly it seems to reflect our modern bureaucratic system …”  [Sunday Telegraph – 29/6/97]

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