Australia faces public sector IT challenges in 2012

By David Bicknell

It may be early 2012, but it sounds as it if  will be later in the year before the Australian state of New South Wales gets on top of the latest in a series of public sector  IT headaches that are challenging the Aussies.

Last last year, it was the state of Victoria that warned that an extra A$1.44bn of expenditure would be needed on failing IT projects. Now, it looks as  remedial action to try and save a A$386m New South Wales schools administration system will be needed throughout 2012. A$176 million has already been spent for little tangible reward so far.

The  ‘Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR)’ project for the NSW Department of Education, has already failed to deliver what was promised, which was a system replacing finance, human resources, payroll and student administration systems.

According to reports Down Under late last year, IBM and Accenture are bidding for a multimillion dollar contract to implement the system. Accenture reportedly wrote the business case for the SAP-based system.

The LMBR project has been likened in a YouTube video to root canal therapy or even giving birth to a 20 pound baby – with teeth.

Schools IT scheme ‘a stuff-up’

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