Happy New Year from Campaign4Change

By David Bicknell

A Happy New Year to all our readers from both Tony Collins and me. Let’s hope that 2012 brings success in the development of IT projects – and satisfactory resolution for those that weren’t quite so successful – as well as continued progress for Pathfinder mutuals.

I’d like to see the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s Schools IT mutual successfully get off the ground early this year, and for another  mutual, Central Surrey Health that I spoke with in 2011 to make the continued business progress its efforts deserve. I hope that all growing, developing and prospective mutuals get all the political and economic support they need to thrive.

I came across a few stories at the end of 2011 from other blogs that made for interesting reading, plus a few Campaign4Change favourites. Here’s a selection:

Taking Stock

Lessons from the GoDaddy Customer Revolt

Top Harvard Business Review Blog posts of 2011

Top 10 Green Business stories

The unavoidable truths about GovIT

Government’s new ICT Plan – the good, the bad, and what’s needed

Agile can fix failed GovIT

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