Mutuals Briefing updated

By David Bicknell

One of the most popular areas of Campaign4Change is Mutuals Briefing, a digest of useful information and links around mutuals and mutualisation.

Mutuals Briefing has now been updated to reflect recent announcements by the Cabinet Office covering a report on Mutual Pathfinders, the Mutuals Taskforce Evidence Paper, and the launch of the Mutuals Information Service.  You can also find links to stories covering mutuals issues at the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, and at the Defence Equipment & Support ( DE&S) arm of the Ministry of Defence.

2 responses to “Mutuals Briefing updated

  1. Robert, many thanks for your kind comment. I’ll certainly take a look at the link you suggest.


  2. Thanks David – you seem to be the only person taking this seriously and the only site that has provided an update since mid November.
    If you are interested in the potential for private sector impact please read . It is only about outsourcing deals admittedly and it will be awhile away, however the benefits of “accountable outsourcing” is well overdue.


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