Can you outsource to cut costs and boost service levels?

By Tony Collins

At an outsourcing conference on 7 July at the Barbican, London, two of the main discussion points will be around these questions:

– What is the role for outsourcing in cutting the public sector deficit?

– Can outsourcing cut costs and improve service levels?

Organisers of the “Delivering cost-effective public services” conference are hoping to have as a speaker  Katharine Davidson, Director, Efficiency and Reform Group, Cabinet Office, who is a linchpin in the Government’s plans for a radical reform of the machinery of central government.  

Davidson has been invited to give a keynote talk on private sector involvement in the way public services are delivered.

Confirmed speakers include:

– Veronica Mansilla, Project Director, Office of Fair Trading

–  Derrick Anderson, Chief Executive, Lambeth Council 

Sue Gregory, National Director, Inspection Delivery, Ofsted 

Further details are here.


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