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FT: ‘Lessons from the house that John Lewis built’

By David Bicknell

John Kay’s column in the FT yesterday on the need for pluralism in business structures (that include mutuals) was a good read.

In “Lessons from the house that Lewis built”, he argues that we need to find more robust capital and governance structures that permit wider forms of commercial activity. Worth a read (you may need to register or find “Lessons from the house that Lewis built” via Google)

The column refers to a recent report by the Ownership Commission chaired by Will Hutton. You can read the report here

David Cameron launches £600m Big Society Fund

‘Government must become a change agent in its own right’

By David Bicknell

An article this morning makes a strong point that government must itself be an agent for change.

The piece, by the notable economist Will Hutton is actually about the UK economy, but includes this telling paragraph:

“The government has to become a leading change agent in its own right, rather as the Singaporean, South Korean and Japanese governments have been, but in a wholly different context. It has self-consciously to create the architecture to support business investment and innovation. It has to promote long-term business ownership and lean towards the insurgent companies rather than protecting incumbents. The pace of technological change is accelerating, and there has to be massive social investment, especially in the capabilities of our young people.”