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Aftermath of the riots: lending SMEs a helping hand

With the pictures of the aftermath of  last night’s riots still embedded in the memory and  with dozens of SMEs literally picking up their pieces of their businesses, perhaps it is time for the large to offer help to the small.

Larger business have IT facilities and premises that could be utilised in the short term to help SMEs get on their feet in the affected cities  and London boroughs.

IT suppliers could do their bit in tiding over SMEs who need IT facilities, perhaps provided by Cloud-hosted systems. Now is the opportunity for the Cloud to deliver a solution which is up and running and available quickly.

In addition, the government could be putting some of its array of IT  to good use, giving London-based business a leg up. Insurance will help, and the Federation of Small Businesses has already been pointing out the urgency today.   But SMEs need more. And they need it now.

If you can help, we suggest you contact the Federation of Small Businesses on 01253 336000    http://www.fsb.org.uk/