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Corporate IT Forum mobile enterprise conference will discuss: ‘Is it time to sunset the desktop?’

By David Bicknell

HM Revenue & Customs’ Director General for Change and CIO, Phil Pavitt, will be the keynote speaker at The Corporate IT Forum’s June conference, ‘Enterprise Everywhere.’

Sub-titled, ‘Is it time to sunset the desktop?’, the conference has been organised following requests from corporate IT professionals from enterprise organisations for an exploration into the future of the mobile enterprise.

The development of new technologies, an influx of smart devices, the advent of increasing cross-border legislation, new employment policies, and a business requirement for a flexible approach are demanding that organisations keep on top of all their options.

The event will discuss why now is the time to embrace the mobile age, providing employees and partners with access to key systems at any time, on any (and many) devices, to deliver significant business benefits. That opens up new opportunities and allows organisations to support a truly flexible workforce. But what are the realities behind making this possible?  

Other speakers will include John Harris, Chairman of the Corporate IT Forum and Chief Architect & VP of Global IT Strategy at GlaxoSmithKline;  Sheridan Hindle, Head of IT, Midcounties Co-operative Society; Neil Jarvis, Global Head of IT Security and IT Risk, DHL Supply Chain; and Steve Parker, Technical Architect at John Lewis Partnership.

The one-day conference is on Wednesday, 20th June in London. You can find out more details here.

It follow another recent  conference organised by the Forum around consumerisation.

Consumerisation shift creates change dilemma for IT departments

By David Bicknell

Looking ahead into 2012, one of the biggest instances of change will continue to be consumerisation. A recent survey from Accenture has summed up the trend towards employees using their own devices which IT departments can either embrace, or fight a rearguard action against. Perhaps there is the opportunity for IT to be the good guy – for once – and rebuild its relationship with its end user ‘customers’.

Whatever IT decides, consumerisation is here to stay. Accenture found that a large proportion of employees already make their own technology decisions, and a quarter bring their own devices or access their own applications from the Internet.

The move reinforces the problems that consumerisation is causing IT departments. Trends allied to consumerisation, including use of social media and the business’s desire to spin up a Cloud facility, say for a marketing campaign, are now turning the focus squarely on what IT does now and what it should do in the future.

So-called  “Bring your own device” (BYOD) programmes are already turning many business end users into accidental IT managers.

The Accenture survey of 4000 employees found that despite employers’ concerns around data security and IT protocol, one in four (23 percent) employees worldwide regularly use personal consumer devices and applications for work related activities. Employees claim that such technologies enhance innovation, productivity and job satisfaction, and more than a quarter (27 percent) said that they would be happy to pay for their own devices and applications to use at work.

Other key findings from the research include:
Rising Employee Technology Expectations
  • Over a quarter (27 percent) of employees routinely use non-corporate applications downloaded from the Web in the workplace as they search for applications tohelp them to work better
  • The first step toward IT consumerisation often involves accessing corporate email in non-corporate settings, largely as a result of increasing smartphone penetration, with 30 percent saying they routinely check email before they go to bed
  • Employees also revealed a desire to access Web-based corporate applications and databases, as 14 percent reported accessing corporate apps and databases from their consumer devices on a regular basis
Employees Solving Their Own Technology Challenges
  • There is an increasing trend for employee driven technological innovation, as 24 percent of employees admitted to coming up with their own consumer technology solution to help solve a business problem
Management is Struggling to Embrace Consumer Technology
  • The use of personal devices in the enterprise increases dramatically amongst IT executives (54 percent) and other management executives (49 percent) when compared to employee adoption rates
  • Management and IT executives know that using the latest technology is a big priority for their employees, with 88 percent of executives collectively saying that consumer technology used by their employees can improve job satisfaction

Corporate IT Forum Consumerisation Summit