Cornwall staff oppose BT joint venture option

By Tony Collins

Staff at Cornwall Council have, in general, voted against a joint venture with BT, but only about half of them have voted so far.

The figures are on the blog of councillor Andrew Wallis, an independent councillor who campaigned against the council’s plans to award a joint venture contract to BT, at least without full debate and information,

The full council is due to decide on Tuesday 11 December on whether to ask officers to invite BT to submit a final tender. The officers who are enthusiastic about a deal with BT have indicated that staff are in favour of a joint venture. But the survey results so far are:

In-house – 55% (256)

BT option – 33% (154)

Other outsourcing – 0%

Undecided – 12% (56)

Wallis says the results show that the staff view on the proposals is different to some of the spin coming out of the corporate leadership. But, 850 staff who  received the survey, only 467 have so far completed the survey.

Survey results – Andrew Wallis’s blog

One response to “Cornwall staff oppose BT joint venture option

  1. Turkeys do not vote for Christamas after all…..Well I never!

    Given that local election turnout is around 30%, then a staff turnout of over 50% is a comparatively good participation. Perhaps a significant minority of staff think that their vote won’t count and the CEO & Senior Officers have already tilted the playing field to their preferred choice with BT.

    What is odd for me, is that having looked at the latest Options Appraisal document, the BT proposal is an outsource on any criteria, yet the Cornwall CEO & Senior Officer cheerleaders keep up the pretence that by adding the words “Strategic Partnership” it is somehow not an outsource?!

    So the Turkey farm vote equivalent is – Do you vote for:

    a) A Strategic Festival on the 25th of December with *CASHBACK*, lots of fresh bird, all the trimmings (stuffing guaranteed), lashings of ginger beer (and alcoholic beverages), 100s of new friends, free WiFi, balloons and crackers, free tele-sitting service for relatives

    b) A self-catering Christmas in house, frozen bird (subject to budget & availability), with no trimmings, bring-a-friend-or-relative, bring-a-bottle


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