HMRC G-Cloud deal a step towards less reliance on big IT suppliers

By Tony Collins

HMRC has signed a deal with Skyscape Cloud Services for centralised data storage in the Cloud, says UKAuthority.

It quotes HMRC’s CIO, Phil Pavitt, as saying that the shift to cloud, “will save over £1m a year in running costs and will increase reliability and security of HMRC’s internal IT services”.

“The Skyscape contract is a major step for HMRC in moving away from traditional ways of working with large service providers. And it’s a great example of how we’re exploring smarter, more innovative solutions that make life simpler for us and help us provide a better deal for our customers.”

Data currently stored in local offices will be moved to cloud storage by early spring 2013 using the Public Services Network (PSN) as a conduit – a first in the use of cloud over PSN.

The Government Digital Service has signed a cloud deal with Skyscape too.

G-Cloud gathers pace


3 responses to “HMRC G-Cloud deal a step towards less reliance on big IT suppliers

  1. appears to be a shell company owned by Qinetiq, VMWare, Cisco, EMC and Ark.

    So, unless there are covenants in the contact HMRC has outsourced to a company as David has suggested or alternatively this is not an SME and the whole thing is a cynical exercise. Surely not?


  2. According to Companies House Skyscape Cloud Services Ltd is a £100 company (no.07619797) in Corsham incorporated on 3 May 2011 which has yet to file any accounts, please see and

    Too big? Too small? Let’s hope the next SME contract goes to Goldilocks Cloud Services Ltd.


  3. Are we sure HMRC could measure its IT costs to a resolution of £1m?


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