Cerner US-wide outage – what went wrong?

By Tony Collins

Hospital EMR and EHR has an account of what caused Cerner’s outage which affected its client sites across the USA and some international customers, according to reports.

It makes the point that the problem had little or nothing to do with the cloud.

The Los Angeles Times reports that within minutes of the outage, doctors and nurses reverted to writing orders and notes by hand, but in many cases they no longer had access to previous patient information saved remotely with Cerner.

“That information isn’t typically put on paper charts when records are kept electronically,” said the newspaper which quoted Dr. Brent Haberman, a pediatric pulmonologist in Memphis as saying, “If you can’t get to all the patient notes and all the previous data, you can imagine it’s very confusing and mistakes could be made…A new doctor comes on shift and doesn’t have access to what happened the past few hours or days.”

Hospital EMR and EHR

Some hospitals cope well through the outage

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