CSC drops the iSoft brand name

By Tony Collins

CSC has announced that from today, 2 April,  it is dropping the iSoft brand name. It says that iSoft is now part of CSC’s Healthcare Group and will “adopt CSC branding and the CSC name in all communications”.

CSC acquired iSoft in July 2011.


It’s the right thing to do. The iSoft name is associated with the failed National Programme for IT in the NHS, the NPfIT version of Lorenzo, court cases, a disciplinary hearing for iSoft’s former auditors and with legacy software.

Now that CSC is under new management the new broom can sweep clean.

It would be unfair to compare, of course, to compare the dropping of the iSoft name with the disappearance of “Ratner” or the renaming of Exxon Valdez to SeaRiver Mediterranean.

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