Ambitious health records IT project bags US budget increase

By David Bicknell

Electronic health records appear to be the three magic words to help unlock an increase in your IT budget, especially if you’re looking to deliver a groundbreaking health IT project for US services veterans.

According to this story,  the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would see a 6.9% increase, with much of the money being spent on improved electronic health records. The 2013 budget proposal put forward by the Obama Administration would see $3.3bn being spent on IT, a $216m increase over the current budget.

2012 will see major investment in an ongoing IT project to integrate Department of Veterans Affairs health records with Department of Defence health records. Currently, more than 100 VA employees are working on the programme, with over 20 projects in planning mode, including single sign-on and a plan to unify VA and DOD pharmaceutical systems.

Department of Veterans Affairs press release referring to IT budgets

One response to “Ambitious health records IT project bags US budget increase

  1. The transition towards adoption and implementation of health IT systems and a more patient-centric healthcare delivery model will require $3.3 billion, and will eventually reduce costs.


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