Former Dragon James Caan tells SMEs ‘cloud computing has changed the landscape’

By David Bicknell

An article in ITPro magazine featuring former Dragon’s Den presenter James Caan describes the benefits for SMEs of cloud computing.

Caan insists advancing technology and the growth of the online industry makes it easier and more efficient now to set up your own business and access information faster.

” It (cloud computing) has changed the landscape quite significantly. Companies no longer need to have large bulky archives with all their databases written on papers. Cloud computing enables all this information to be stored online in a digital format, with little limitations on size.

“What’s also very important is that cloud computing enables information and data access anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. My private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw uses cloud computing and I’m still amazed how efficient the system is.

“I was recently abroad and I wanted to show my colleague some fairly large documents. I was able to access the files and information within minutes. Of course there is a risk with cloud computing, but security is high on the agenda for cloud computing companies. They are continuously updating their processes for user security.”

And believes Caan, that focus on security is something more SMEs should be aware of, even if their times is limited.

“I think all companies, not just start-ups, aren’t doing enough for their business information security. In the case of small businesses this may be down to the perception that they aren’t in a high risk position. As a business owner you wouldn’t leave the front door of your office open at night so why would you put your information assets at risk?

“Business owners are typically so swamped with everyday tasks and issues they tend to push their business security to the bottom of their priority list. However, I believe that a company’s information is one of their most valuable assets and should be at the top of every entrepreneur’s agenda.”

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