12 good reasons to mutualise

By David Bicknell

There are 12 good reasons to mutualise, according to City law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW)

FFW has advised on the restructuring of NHS Hull’s community health services to became an example of how public services could be transferred to an employee led social enterprise, City Health Care Partnership CIC.

12 months into the project, says FFW, City Health Care Partnership CIC is enjoying the benefits of becoming a social enterprise which demonstrates that the drivers for social enterprise and public service mutualisation are as valid as ever.

These benefits, FFW says, include:

  1. Improved staff motivation
  2. Improved customer (i.e. patient) satisfaction
  3. Leaner and more efficient structures
  4. More responsive services
  5. Real teamwork
  6. Opportunities to grow the business
  7. Strengthened connection to the community
  8. Flexibility and agility
  9. Less red tape – ability to introduce better ways of
    working, more quickly
  10. Greater sense of inclusiveness and participation
  11. Control of destiny
  12. Ability to contribute to the wider needs of target

One response to “12 good reasons to mutualise

  1. A really interesting article, good luck with the social enterprise to everyone at City Healthcare Partnership CIC


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