G-Gloud advocate Andy Tait leaves Cabinet Office for VMware

By Tony Collins

Andy Tait, a passionate advocate of G-Cloud and the radical reform of government IT-related spending, has left the Cabinet Office to join virtualisation and cloud specialist VMware.

Last year Tait, then Deputy Director, G-Cloud, Apps Store and Data Centre Consolidation at the Cabinet Office said:

“There are 90,000 servers across central government alone and they run at at less than 10% utilisation.”

His departure from the public sector follows that of some other outspoken advocates of innovation and radical reform of central government, including John Gardner, Chief Technology Officer at the Department for Work and Pensions who left to become managing director, international at Spigit, and John Suffolk, Government CIO.

Tait joins VMware as Head of UK Public Services Strategy. He says public sector organisations can take advantage of virtualiation and the cloud to make dramatic savings.

Andy Tait’s responsibilities are moved to Chris Chant, who is Director for DirectGov and Digital Engagement.

VMware hires G-Cloud man.


VMware names new public sector head.

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