Cabinet Office publication of Phase 2 documents offers insight into Coalition G-Cloud thinking

By David Bicknell

The Cabinet Office has published a series of documents which discuss how the public sector could utilise the Cloud Computing approach to ICT delivery and explore what benefits and challenges this approach would create.

The project, known as Phase 2 of the G-Cloud Programme, features a number of reports which were developed under work strands of the ICT strategy that was published on 27th January 2010. As the Cabinet Office says, they provide a well informed baseline of public sector Cloud thinking from 2009 to early 2010.

While publishing the papers on its website – minus one on information assurance for security reasons – the Cabinet Office says further development of plans for the  adoption of the Cloud Computing approach to ICT and the delivery of cloud based services to the public sector is on-going and will reflect the objectives of the Coalition Government. It adds that  Cloud Computing principles are evolving rapidly and these will be incorporated into this work.

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